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Back on its feet

Post Author: Vanny » 28 Sep 2015

Since the I changed jobs, the car has been getting in a growingly sorry state. I thought it might be a good time to resolve some of the longer term issues the car has had, namely a cracked exhaust manifold and a poor brake doseur valve.
While the jobs where started with best intentions, with wife and child soon stopped play and the car has been languishing, immobile and generally in the way for far too long. I've also found some rust that is not going to let the car get through another MOT.
But with a bit of help from Mr Fenwick, the car is finally mobile again. A long way off being road worthy yet, but mobile and that is a huge stay of execution for the car I just dont need any more!

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Re: Back on its feet

Post Author: mat_the_cat » 28 Sep 2015

Fame! And about time I did some BX tinkering. But next time we have to go out to Birmingham...not walking there though ;-)
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Re: Back on its feet

Post Author: Philhod » 06 Oct 2015

:lol: Even if it was in the wrong direction [coat]

Where's the rust then Vanny?
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