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Busy weekend continues! One of 3 @CSIBASICS Drs and @NWAirAmbulance deployed to a big accident yesterday, followed by a serious trauma job this morning. All this is charity work, we receive no Govt funding, if you’d like to support us ➡️ 🙏

I’m not even sure that Freelander 2 tail light theft is even a common thing, but I’m taking no chances. In with the security screws, out with easy theft opportunity.

#LandRover #Freelander2

I realised a few weeks ago I hadn’t replaced the tyre pressure sticker after rebuilding the BXs A-Pillar. A few emails to @rjw_autographics and I have replacements. Whoop.

#BXProject #CitroenBX #Citroen

Snow forecast for the end of the week in the UK reminded me about Autoglym Polar washing system. Great if you want to make snow angels or wash a car!

#BXProject #CitroenBX #Karcher #Autoglym #AutoglymUK