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The BXProject has been hanging about on the internet for nearly 20 years. Originally a place to share my adventures with my 1991 Citroen BX 16Valve, it became a place to learn how to share through the World Wide Web.

The way the BXProject looked back in February 2002
BXProject Mk1 – 2001

At its peak, the BXProject hosted a PHPBB3 forum with over 1200 impressions a day. Not a huge number by any means, but for such a niche subject, I was quite proud of it.

A few different CMS systems came and went to allow my latest adventures to be shared above the forum. Unfortunately as Facebook and other social media platforms took over from ‘bulletin boards’ the user base of the forum shank to very little.

It was, however, the retelling of stories and detailing some of the more technical work. Some of the most popular cross-posted technical topics, this for example, still get regular visits and feedback on both BXClub and BX16v.com

These days my automotive adventures are a little different. I have less time and a little more money. I’ve also developed a wide variety of automotive friends, and been working in the industry for over a decade. I still enjoy retelling my stories and writing about my more technical adventures. Since 2001 the way of sharing online has become a media-rich utopia.

This will be the 15th incarnation of the BXProject website and will use the infinite flexibility and reliability of the WordPress software. Hopefully, this blog will allow me to share my Automotive Adventures for another 20 years.


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