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While I wouldn’t consider myself to be a thoroughbred petrol head, I’ve had more than a few Automotive adventures. Be it fighting off the hands of time from my Citroen BX, to tinkering with my Land Rover, there’s always something going on with cars. Here you can catch up on my latest Automotive Articles.

My most recent Automotive articles

Most Recent Land Rover Articles

  • Retrofit – Freelander2 Reversing Camera
    7 min read Do I need a reversing camera? Probably not. But having retrofit one to the Freelander2 and I’m glad that I did!
  • Making Roof Bar Storage
    4 min read After falling over the Freelander2 roof bars one too many times, it was time to make some roof bar storage. Fire up the welder!
  • Retrofit – Freelander 2 Dimming Rearview Mirror
    5 min read Long commutes in the dark, with bright lights behind, are no good for my eyes. The solution, retrofit of a Freelander dimming rearview mirror.
  • SDD – Battery Support Unit
    7 min read Using a diagnostic tool puts a big load on the car battery. To avoid damage you should use a battery support unit. But what is it, and why is it needed?
  • Symptom Driven Diagnostic (SDD) – Diagnostic Adapter
    6 min read Land Rovers of a certain age eventually cry out for a diagnostic session. With dealer diagnostic sessions costing as much as £145 per hour, you may want to DIY. This will put you on the slippery slope of the Land Rover Symptom Driven Diagnostic (SDD) system and diagnostic adapter. In this series of articles, we…

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Most Recent Citroen Articles

  • Workshop Tools – Scissor Lift
    7 min read Years of struggling under cars on axle stands are over with the purchase of a scissor lift. Why didn’t I do this sooner!
  • Bathtime for the BX
    3 min read Annual bathtime for the BX has come around again. Once the Autoglym is applied and we’re shiny again, will we just breakdown?
  • BX – Brake pads and Discs
    4 min read The ability to stop the BX has been rather lacking recently. Will EBC brake pads and discs improve the stopping distance?
  • Instrument Cluster LEDs Lensed Vs Capless
    3 min read In a previous article I looked at lensed LEDs for the instrument cluster. The results where not good, but are capless LEDs the solution?
  • Engine Bay Rattles
    4 min read The more I drive the car, the more I’m aware of a few engine bay rattles. After some investigation, I seem to have cured them with a lost shim.

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