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Having finally got the Mega Shed articles written up, I can catch you up on all the other things that have been going on a BXP HQ.

#cncmachining #mancave #milling

A lovely afternoon doing not a lot of anything. But this old thing is happier for a seal change and a run around.

So much time goes into the charity behind the scenes.

Committee meetings, clinical governance meetings, vehicle maintenance, fundraising and being ‘on call’ are just a few.

All team members play a pivotal role in keeping the team functioning.

#Hellomynameis John 💙@oggie272

A day of ‘admin’ for me today, so I’ve booked on and am available to support @NWAmbulance as required.
#QR2392 @BASICSNW @CSIBASICS #CCP responder.

The final article in the Mega Shed write up, finishing off the shed exterior. A little cladding, capping and guttering and we’re all set. If only it was that easy.

I guess I should get cracking on the other projects now!

#bxproject #shed #diy #mancave

Actually fixed a thing on the #Freelander2 in the same week that it broke!
Clearly my tolerance for breakages is failing in my old age