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The Citroën BX is one of the easiest cars to get into and steal I have ever regularly used, and that includes a C-reg Defender. Getting in is as simple as pulling out a lock or flicking a latch. The steering column lock is certainly not up to modern standards, and hot-wiring is a two-second job. Time for the Citroën BX to have a security update.

Existing Security on the Citroën BX

Out with the old (left) in with the new BX security update
Out with the old (left) in with the new BX security update

I already have some ‘hidden’ security on the car and an immobiliser which is integral to the main body harness. The fact is, if you only have hidden security layers, someone, at some point, is going to try their luck and probably cost you a few quid to resolve.

Visible Security

I believe in a visible deterrent, but it has to be functional. I tried a full disc wheel cover. It was a nightmare. Undoubtedly, it is one of the very few deterrents that actually work. But a “Disklok” is big and cumbersome. The act of getting them to and from the back seat becomes a chore very quickly.

My preferred solution is a chain. I’ve had a steering wheel chain on my BX since I learned to drive, carrying on a tradition from my father. Nothing more than a chain in a bicycle inner tube, and the biggest shiniest padlock I can find. The problem with a black cover over the chain is it’s not very obvious. Also, the old 6mm non-hardened chain will not win an award for the difficulty to cut through.

Hi Vis Security Chain

So I’ve given the Citroën BX a security update that is both visual and mechanical. I’ve upgraded to a budget Oxford motorbike chain from J&S Accessories. A 10mm hardened square profile chain should put up a few minutes of resistance to cutting. The heavy-duty woven orange sleeve makes the security deterrent very visible. I think the picture shows the impact, hopefully enough to ward off any chancers and make the car more secure.


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